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The Art of Healing Magazine, June 2011

The Art of Healing Magazine, June 2011

While I was away at Jivamukti yoga teacher training last May I was contacted by Catherine, the editor of The Art of Healing magazine in Australia, about using some of my photos from the NOLA Yoga Photography Project. She told me that my “photography is like a sigh of relief – finally, someone is shooting yoga in the real world!” I am honored to have had my photographs featured on the cover of two consecutive issues, and also an additional one used inside!

The first photo used was one of my dear Jivamukti teacher Libby Love who recently moved with her family to Austria (I miss you so much Libby!). The photo was taken as part of a session for lululemon, as she was one of their “ambassadors” who I was hired to photograph for the New Orleans store. It ended up on the cover of the July 2011 issue of the Art of Healing.


The Art of Healing August 2011

Chloe Smith on the cover of The Art of Healing's August 2011 issue

The second photo was taken of Chloe Smith (of the amazing band Rising Appalachia) during a photo session I did with her and Libby (see gallery here). Libby’s husband Hermann is a hairdresser and did the hair and makeup for Libby and Chloe so that I could photograph them and he could use the photos to promote his business. Catherine chose an iconic photo of Chloe to use on the cover of the August 2011 issue of the Art of Healing, with the tag line being “Is this the new Warrior Woman of the 21st Century?” Several friends of Chloe have told me that she truly is.

Sheree Ferreira at Jivamukti Teacher Training

Sheree Ferreira at Jivamukti Teacher Training

The August 2011 issue also featured a photograph of Sheree Ferreira I had taken at my 2011 Jivamukti Teacher Training. This is of course not part of the NOLA Yoga Photo project, but still cool to have included. As I collaborate on creating more images of yogis I hope that the results will be shown in more and more places. Thanks to Catherine, Libby, Chloe, Hermann and Sheree!


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